narinder singh kapoor mala manke pdf free download

narinder singh kapoor mala manke pdf free download


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narinder singh kapoor mala manke pdf free download

Wiki Biography Of Narinder Singh Kapoor

  • Wiki Biography Of Narinder Singh Kapoor
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Narinder Singh Kapoor was born on March 6 1944 in village Adhi (ਆਧੀ) in Rawalpindi district (now in Pakistan) to well-educated parents. His mother's name was Smt Veeran Wali and his father's name was Sh Hardit Singh Kapoor. The division of Punjab uprooted the family and after staying at a number of refugee camps, they ultimately settled at Patiala.

Studies and Professional Career

He started working at the age of nine and worked at more than two dozen odd jobs which game him a rich experience and deep understanding of human behaviour. It was due to the consistent efforts of his mother that there was no break in his studies. He completed his M.A. in English from the newly established Punjabi University at Patiala.

He was appointed Lecturer in English by Punjab Public Service Commission in 1966 and he worked at Government Colleges at Nabha, Sangrur and Patiala. At Sangrur, while working as a college teacher, he studied on his own and completed M.A. in Philosophy as well as M.A. in Punjabi, claiming the top position in both.

In 1971, after getting married, he joined Punjabi University as Assistant Professor in English and Punjabi and rose to the position of Associate Professor in 1982, and became a full professor in 1990. In the meantime he continued his studies and added further to his qualifications: Diploma in French (1974), Degree in Journalism (1975), LLB (1978) and PhD in Punjabi Journalism (1978).

In 1995 he was appointed Professor of Journalism in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication from where he retired in 2004. He also worked as Director (Public Relations) and Dean (Students' Welfare).

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He has travelled extensively in India, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, China, Turkey, UAE, Canada, Mexico, Iraq and Kuwait.

Presently he is working as Media Consultant in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication and is acting as Resource Person at a number of educational and administrative institutions.

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